My Reason’s For Taking a Round the World Trip

by Brian Carroll on April 12, 2012

Post image for My Reason’s For Taking a Round the World Trip *Note:  I wrote this back in early March and while I really see this version as a draft format, I wanted to share it early on I thought I'd briefly share the underlying reasons that have led me to my current predicament:  that is, writing this post on a plane 35,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean with a one-way ticket to Sydney in hand, and not much else fully determined.  My point in this post is not to justify what I'm doing or to persuade others to follow this path, but simply to share (and thus hold myself accountable) what I hope to gain/learn from this travel: #1: Breakaway from my existing routine & comforts that can create a "zombie-like" state of complacency:  Let me preface by saying I am a creature of habit, like structure and enjoy being comfortable just like anybody else, so this may seem a bit contradictory.  And I realize that by making this decision to travel I'm giving up a lot of things I'm extremely grateful to have in my life (moments with family/friends, a stable job, a wonderful lifestyle, etc...) - for an abstract and unknown vision of what else this world is about, good and bad.  But I hope through this experience (even though I've always been active in my daily life), I will more fully embrace the idea of living in the moment wherever that might take me, as that is the only thing one can truly control. 2) Continually Learn:  Continually learning on multiple levels (personal, professional, etc...) is something that has always been important to me.  I hope to dedicate more of my time to reading and learning new skills while I travel - the opportunity to learn is only limited by my motivation.  Plus it may open me up to interests and areas of strength that I never knew existed - who knows, maybe for example my tango skills are much better than I could have ever imagined...ok, maybe not, but we'll see. 3) Challenge my perceived independence and sense-of-self:  I like to think I'm a pretty independent person and very comfortable on my own.  But that said, I've never traveled internationally on my own for a long period of time, so I see this trip as a chance to challenge how I'll respond in situations that may be new and/or uncomfortable at first for me. 4) Enhance my friendships & relationships:  The opportunity to meet new people, develop meaningful relationships and learn through them is only limited by my openness to the situations.  While I hope to make some new lifelong connections from a trip like this, I also recognize it as an opportunity to gain further appreciation and perspective for the numerous relationships that already exist in my life - as I feel very blessed in those respects. 5) Broaden my awareness of different people, cultures & places:  I can listen to other people's stories, watch programs on TV and read articles online about places to visit, but at the end of the day, it's the first-person experiences which are going to genuinely shape my perceptions of people, places and things. 6) Remove "regret" from my vocabulary:  Just like anyone, I've had certain regrets, which good or bad, I've learned from.  It's good to learn from regrets but at the same time, I'd prefer to limit having them (at least where I have the ability to take some sort of action in a situation).  And if I don't at least take the step to give this trip a shot, for however long it might be (1 week or 1 year), I'd always personally wonder, "What If?" is a travel blog that explores travel from the point-of-view of one Southern Californian who decided to forego the glamours of the business cubicle for the chance to learn, grow and challenge oneself through the experiences of solo travel...preferably in boardshorts and sandals.

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