Travelbyte: Where is Brian? Brian is in the Kitchen.

by Brian Carroll on April 13, 2012

Post image for Travelbyte: Where is Brian?  Brian is in the Kitchen. As one travels to new places and meets people from all different cultures, you often stumble upon things that you'd otherwise be unaware of while living your everyday life back home.  These brief posts are a reflection of that - some insightful, most probably completely random. While in Wellington, New Zealand, I met a Frenchman named Antonio.  After introducing myself, he pegged myself as being from the United States.  While my accent might have had something to do with it, what actually gave it away for him was my name.  The reason? Well I guess in France, when one first starts learning English in school, the first phrase everyone begins with is:  "Where is Brian?  Brian is in the kitchen."  Now I don't know how that translates to French (I took Spanish) but it was something I've since tested on others from France and each time I've asked the question, they've responded with that answer. Funny thing is, with me at least, there is probably a fair amount of truth to that - not because I'm cooking but usually because I'm eating...cookies preferably. Travelbytes are brief posts pertaining to random moments, learned lessons or anything else I come across on a daily basis that I find funny, interesting and ultimately worth sharing.

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