Nuria or Nadie?

by Brian Carroll on April 28, 2012

The morning of March 31st I caught a bus back to Picton to meet Nuria in person.  When my bus pulled into town, I found her sitting on the bench waiting for me...with a golden retriever dog?!?!  Now I absolutely love dogs but the idea of trying to travel with one seemed like it might be quite cumbersome in this situation. So after our brief hellos, I had to ask... And I found out that the dog was not hers and rather that of the hostel owners - she was just taking him for a walk...much more manageable... Anyways, we chatted for a couple minutes and with neither of us identifying any red flags of significance, we made our way to one of the car rental places together.  It so happened that our timing was perfect (for us, not the employees) - a rental car company that Nuria had found the previous day was closing their store location for good in the next 2 days and as a result, we got a killer deal on a mid-90s Nissan Sentra for 3 weeks, so we took it and essentially committed to 3 weeks together...(yikes! - that's weeks longer than some girls I've dated...but that's probably another story).

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