A Drive Down the Picturesque “Wet” Coast

by Brian Carroll on April 29, 2012

Post image for A Drive Down the Picturesque “Wet” Coast Over the next two days our plan was simple.  Head down the west coast until we hit Frans Josef glacier.  While there was one main attraction we had marked on our trip as we headed south (Pancake Rocks), the drive down the west coast of New Zealand itself is considered one of the top/prettiest drives in the world so seeing the coastline itself would be rewarding.  The area is also aptly named the "Wet Coast."  So while it can be picturesque, there was a chance we'd be dealing with clouds and rain...no good Thankfully, our good luck with the weather continued our entire trip down the coast.  The highway hugs along cliffs and provides a number of lookout points as well as a few side roads to inland lakes (which we took full advantage of).  Halfway down the coast, we came to a more significant tourist attraction known as Pancake Rocks.

Pancake Rocks

With the name "Pancake Rocks" you can probably visualize what these might look like - essentially rock formations that look like pancakes stacked on top of one another that have developed this way over 1,000s of years and with unique weather conditions.  And on very stormy days, the waves that crash against one of the hollow caverns will shoot a burst of water into the air as well as a thunderous boom - otherwise known as a blowhole.  We could only get a slight sense of this on a nice day as the waves weren't too big, but not the full effect...then again, I'd rather take the nice weather and smaller waves than the other option personally. Next on the agenda, a little chillier task:  hiking Frans Josef Glacier

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