Milford Sound: Dubbed The Eighth Wonder of the World

by Brian Carroll on May 9, 2012

Post image for Milford Sound: Dubbed The Eighth Wonder of the World After leaving Queenstown (and departing w/Mariella who had to fly North), Nuria and I made our way to Milford Sound, which is a large area of Fiords that provides some of the most dramatic scenery in the country.  For a tourist, it is one of those must-see locations recommended by just about everyone traveling in New Zealand (it was listed as the world's top travel destination in 2008 by TripAdvisor).  While there is a famous five day hike through the area known as the Milford Track (which often requires bookings in peak season 6 months in advance), the most common way to see the area is through a half-day boat cruise, which is what we opted for...much easier. The fiords of Milford Sound were essentially carved out by glaciers that had previously sat on the mountains and have since melted and now fill the valleys.  While the area rains an average of 220 days per year, we were fortunate to catch a fairly nice day.  The only drawback to this "good weather" was that the area is also famous for numerous waterfalls accessible by boat - so while we were able to experience them, during (or after) a heavy rain, the waterfalls are much more powerful.

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