Travelbyte: R.I.P. Harry the Hedgehog…Unfortunately no relation to Sonic

by Brian Carroll on May 10, 2012

Harry the Hedgehog

Having driven pretty much all of New Zealand, the one thing you notice after awhile is the amount of roadkill. The formula is quite simple:
Curvy One Lane Roads + Roads adjacent to Rainforests + No Lighting at Night = Many Dead Animals
Well, on this particular day, (Friday the 13th no less), as we were driving along, we came upon a tiny animal hunkered down in the middle of the road. Now, at the time of this video, I was unsure what we were dealing with - maybe a porcupine, hedgehog or something else native to the area.  The main thing I gradually realized (or so I thought) was that this guy appeared to have quills, and so antagonizing him might not be the best solution. So with our efforts unsuccessful, we headed back to our car, which was casually parked in the road.  And as we buckled our seatbelts, I realized there was a little red car quickly bearing down on us.  With no intention of slowing down, the car whipped right around us and directly into Harry's path, carrying on its way unbeknownst to the gravity of the situation...  And from my view (the steering wheel is on the right side), I saw it all unfold, helpless to the situation.  It's quite honestly probably something I'll never forget. So the next time you have a drink, do me a favor and poor a little one out for my fallen hedgehog homie, Harry...  If he had the powers of Sonic, things may have turned out different.

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Nuria May 23, 2012 at 12:20 am

Was a terrible accident… I still feel bad about him…


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