A Return Through Queenstown and an Unexpected Surprise

by Brian Carroll on May 12, 2012

Post image for A Return Through Queenstown and an Unexpected Surprise Part of the reason I took a leave of absence from the States for a bit was to put myself in uncomfortable situations and see if/how I'd rise to the occasion(s).  Really to just challenge myself in new ways. Well, I was put to the test, when Nuria and I made our way back to Queenstown for one additional night before heading on to Mt. Cook (the tallest Mountain in New Zealand). As we left Queenstown, we decided to check out the Kawarau bridge, where bungee jumping was invented.  Our plan was to just watch a couple people jump and be on our way.  But the longer I stood there and watched people jump, the more I felt like I should do it, even though I had absolutely zero interest in doing it...that may sound strange, but to me I saw it as a fear to overcome - maybe more extreme than necessary but still... So after wavering for about 20 minutes (partly because they had a $5 burger deal and I knew I wanted that...but had to make up my mind on jumping or not first, because I didn't want to eat before a potential jump - you see my conundrum!), I told Nuria I'd do it.  She had been more willing to jump from the outset than myself, but because I wasn't completely enthused with the idea, that lack of enthusiasm rubbed off on her and made her willing to bypass it (though I knew she wanted to do it).  So sticking to the idea of challenging myself and limiting regrets I decided to pay as quickly as possible before the practical side of my conscience took hold and said, "Seriously, WTF are you doing?!?"  Once the money was down, I knew there was no turning back, and I would be jumping in 15 minutes. To be honest, the whole time I was really calm partially because I knew freaking out would not help the situation.  So as I moved closer to my turn I watched others go, trying to determine the best way to jump.

No turning back now!

From what I saw, all I had to do was walk to the edge, lean my body forward and the guy holding my harness would let go of me...and that'd be it. Oh and one other thing - they  give you the option of actually trying to touch the water if you'd like.  I felt like if I was doing this, I was doing it at 150%, so that's just what I did (there's a cool picture of it).  Anyways, here is both my video and Nuria's (notice the difference in styles): And Nuria's:

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Nuria May 23, 2012 at 11:58 am

Haha!yes!was a great day!and a good idea to dont eat the burguer before jumping and I let you joke with my unique style of jumping! Jaja!X-(


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