Beach Volleyball and Hanging Ten With Pro Female Surfers…Um, Yes Please

by Brian Carroll on May 17, 2012

Post image for Beach Volleyball and Hanging Ten With Pro Female Surfers…Um, Yes Please Saying goodbye to New Zealand, I hopped on a plane and headed back to Sydney for four more days to catchup with friends and check out a few remaining tourist spots.  A couple highlights: 1) Coming back to Sydney gave me the chance once again to loop up with my friend Bo who I initially met in Hawaii.  Once again, she was a great hostess and took me to a couple additional local eatery hotspots, including one with an amazing breakfast called Bill's (get the pancakes and corn fritters).

Icebreakers pool in Bondi

2) One thing I didn't have a chance to do during my last visit was a long walk along the coast known as the "Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach walk" (I went in the opposite direction). Basically this is a 7km walk all along the coast that provides some spectacular views, as some of the pics below will show. 3) On the weekend I headed back to Manly Beach to get some more pickup volleyball games under my belt.  Having been out there once before, I now knew the drill and had made friends with a couple of the players which made integrating easier.  Over the next 2 days, I ended up playing 10 games and while there was beach volleyball representation from around the world on the courts, if this was the Olympics, I'm proud to say that the U.S. would have taken home the gold, even while playing against the son of a former Olympic Medalist in beach volleyball (Atlanta Games in '96, Women's Beach Vball). 4) While I was playing volleyball in Manly Beach, my friend Crystal was working at a nearby surf tournament in Dee Why.  While I anticipated making it out to the event, the volleyball got me a little sidetracked so we planned to meet for the after-party.  The one thing I didn't fully grasp at the time was that this tournament was a women's professional tournament and was basically made up of the top-17 female surfers in the world (the same girls you'd see on any surf posters)...which was quite alright with me. My friend Crystal was nice enough to let me tag along, but on our way to the after-party (did I mention an "open bar"), the car we were taking with her colleagues came down with a flat tire.  Between myself and the surf photographer Matt, we worked on fixing a flat tire in "Manly Beach" with a beer in our hand...quite appropriate though there was one slight problem, we couldn't get the lugnuts off so our driver left this note (so maybe not all that "Manly" after all, but seriously, those suckers were not coming off).

If you were a policeman, would you really ticket this car?

While that delayed us a bit, we still made it to the after-party at a bar that very much reminded me of Simmzys in Manhattan Beach.  It was a chill location and very much my type of hangout, for numerous reasons mentioned above. All in all, between beach volleyball, hanging with my friends and meeting the top professional female surfers in the world, it was a pretty good night by my standards and a nice way to wrap up my second visit to Sydney before heading to Tasmania.

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chi May 17, 2012 at 5:08 am

dude, its looks like you are using a chopstick to change the lug nuts! Glad you are having a great time. On my way back from Nepal.


Diane Bransford May 17, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Hi Brian! I’m enjoying your photos and commentary! Have a great time and stay safe! Much love, Diane


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