Wrapping Up My Travels in New Zealand

by Brian Carroll on May 17, 2012

Post image for Wrapping Up My Travels in New Zealand My jaunt through New Zealand finished up with two final destinations, Mount Cook and Christchurch.

"Chilling" with a little iceberg

Mount Cook stands as New Zealand's tallest mountain and may look familiar to some of you with its depictions from the Lord of the Rings movies.  Generally, the area is very peaceful with not much to do other than hiking, which was okay with us.  We ended up spending two days in the area hiking and taking in some beautiful scenery, including some miniature icebergs floating at the base of Mt. Cook. The final destination on my New Zealand road trip was Christchurch, where I'd be flying out of to return to Australia.  A little over a year ago, the city of Christchurch suffered a devastating earthquake that killed 185 people and brought much of the city's centre to its knees.  Over a year later, the devastation from the earthquake can still be clearly seen and in fact, much of the city centre is still cordoned off, as many buildings are structurally unsound.  Walking near the city centre at night was a little strange - I felt as if I was in a zombie movie.

Christchurch city centre at night

There was fencing surrounding the city-centre to keep people out and you just had all these buildings with not a light in site.  It was an eerie feeling, but moreso than that, very sad to see, as from what I was told it was a bustling city.  One can see though that in the near future, the downtown area will be back on its feet again, better than ever. Christchurch also marked the end of my traveling with Nuria, who planned to spend a few more days in New Zealand before working over in Australia.  Overall, the chance experience of traveling with a stranger turned out to be great and I know that I made a lifelong friend in the process.  With both of us making our way to Australia for the next few months, we hoped that our paths might cross again. Up next for me: Back to Sydney to catchup with friends and checkout a surf competition (hopefully with some volleyball in between)

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Nuria May 23, 2012 at 12:04 pm

Yes!the best travell mate and friend!So glad we meet in New Zeland and in Australia too!;-)


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