It’s a Blitzkrieg in the South Pacific! Breaking Down Travelers by Nationality

by Brian Carroll on May 25, 2012

As I've traveled through the South Pacific so far, I must say that I've first off been surprised by the lack of American travelers, especially relative to the size of our country in the area.  Now I know there are a number of possible explanations to this - not enough vacation time, a precarious economy/job situation, a high cost of traveling in the area, better places to see, content to be at home, etc... but in itself, I simply have found it surprising to find myself such a minority (which actually while traveling abroad is refreshing at the same time). So to give you some insight into the travelers I've come across to date, I've put together this very un-scientific list of the nationalities you might expect to run into when traveling in the South Pacific (which for my purposes, I'm qualifying as Australia, New Zealand & Fiji - even though I've yet to visit the latter): #1 at 27% - Germans: Far and away, they have dominated the traveling circuit and I have more than once found myself as the minority speaking English, though really all Germans are well versed in it.  Which is all the more surprising considering how far away Germany is from say Australia # 2 at 18% - Folks of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland): The Brits specifically are pretty common out here as I think their positive working visa situation with the Aussies supports this fact #3 at 15% - Canadians: Their accent is sometimes hard to discern from the USA at first and they are all very friendly, but certain words and most of their backpacks that sport the Canadian flag (i.e. I don't want to be considered an "American") make it easier to differentiate them # 4 at 12% - Dutch/Netherlands: Surprisingly to me, a very well traveled group #5 at 9% - Scandinavians (Grouping Sweden, Denmark & Norway primarily):  Generally pretty pleasant, well-educated people.  I'm still patiently waiting to meet someone from the Swedish bikini team. T-#6 at 6% - USA: Honestly this might be a stretch to put the US this high, but it felt right. T-#7 at 4% - French, Spanish, :  Of these groups, I've found the Spanish to be the most enjoyable to associate with through my travels to date.
Note: When in Australia, I thought I might have come across more New Zealanders (Kiwis) and vice versa when in New Zealand but to be honest this hasn't been the case at all.  From previous travels in Europe, these two nationalities were well represented but with there being a bit of a rivalry among the countries, this may play a role in not seeing them visit the other as often as one might assume...

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Buchko May 29, 2012 at 2:32 am

Hey Brian, no particular comment on your current post but Holly and I just wanted to give you a should out from HB. Enjoying reading your posts. Sounds like your having a great time.


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