One night in Lima for a Gringo

by Brian Carroll on October 20, 2012

They say that when you travel, your senses are often heightened. From my one and only night in Lima (I stayed right by the airport as I had an early morning flight the next day to Cusco), I can vouch for that. Let me first say that the area nearby the Lima airport is NOT a place anybody has on their travel list. After getting a *cab I coordinated with my lodging when I arrived at 9pm, I was taken to a run down street and dropped off in front of a door which must have had 6 or 7 locks on it....very reassuring.  While the inside of the place turned out to be okay, there was nothing to eat there, and I was starving. Talking to the receptionist, I was told there was a place just down and around the corner where I could grab food. So wanting to get in and out before it got too dark, I made my way toward the restaurant, as probably the only 6'2" gringo within a few miles. I passed what looked to be a restaurant, but to be honest, it was hard to tell. So I kept walking... Until 3 blocks in, among rundown buildings, I found a little chicken place with a good crowd and headed there, again the only gringo in site.  The food here turned out to be excellent and all ended up working out fine but it wasn't a three block stretch I would prefer to walk again at night.
*I use "cab" very loosely as I was picked up in a personal car and from my first look of it, my confidence in making it to my hotel VS ending up in a sketchy alley were about 50/50. Thankfully, all worked out well .

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