A Day Trip to Lake Titicaca – Yeah, It’s a Real Place and Actually Worth Seeing

by Brian Carroll on October 30, 2012

Post image for A Day Trip to Lake Titicaca – Yeah, It’s a Real Place and Actually Worth Seeing Our reason for traveling to Puno was to for a single purpose, visiting Lake Titicaca. What makes this lake unique is twofold: 1)it is the largest lake in all of South America and sits at an elevation of 12,500 feet and, 2)they have floating islands on it. Yes, you read that right, floating islands!! As a bonus, it so happened that during this part of our journey, we were able to join up with a very nice English couple (Drew & Amy, who had completed the Inka Trail with James previously and were on a year long travel adventure) and as such, we all took the same day tour out to the lake. A couple key highlights: The Floating Islands: The first place we went on our tour were the floating islands. While a bit "touristy" in nature, the islands were still very cool – they felt and looked as if you were walking on hay the entire time. For an island to be "built" it would take a minimum of 6 months and then would require constant maintenance on a daily/weekly basis (adding additional layers of reeds) by the 20 or so people that lived on each island. The islands were essentially self sufficient and truly left as small a footprint as possible, though it was funny to see they still enjoyed some more western luxuries – solar panels and satellite TV (in one pic). The other unique thing about the area is each island had built a boat over time made out of reeds that resembled viking ships you might expect to see somewhere in Scandinavia – not necessarily what one would expect in Peru, but pretty cool nonetheless. Taquile Island: The other component of this trip was a visit to a real island nearby that offered stunning views and one hell of a lunch where they served fresh trout – I say this specifically as I am not a "fish" lover by any means, but it was excellent despite my initial trepidation. Thankfully there was no "tequila" here, to speak of.

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