Floripa and the Magic Island

by Brian Carroll on November 14, 2012

Post image for Floripa and the Magic Island From Iguazu Falls, I took a 16 hour, overnight bus to the city of Florianopolis ("Floripa" for short). Before I had put together my plan for South America, I was not familiar with Florianópolis. That all changed when I talked to my friend who had traveled to Brasil and described it in two ways: 1) beautiful beaches and 2)that's where Giselle, the supermodel married to Tom Brady is from, and many others like her. Needless to say I was sold on the idea of going there. While Florianópolis itself is a decently sized city, as a traveler who enjoys the beach, the place to be is out on Santa Catarina Island, otherwise known as the Magic Island. With a friendly people, a laid back atmosphere and over 42 beaches to explore that are scattered among bays and inlets, it truly is a beautiful place. Also during my time here, I found that the quality of hostel lodging was superior to other places with excellent facilities and million-dollar-beach-views for pretty cheap.  In all, I spent 4 days there but wish I had more time as I really enjoyed the people, the beaches and overall vibe.  

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