A Stay Along the Costa Verde

by Brian Carroll on November 26, 2012

Post image for A Stay Along the Costa Verde Well, while I officially made it back to the states in time for Thanksgiving, I still have a couple more posts yet to share here on my recent travels (including one I forgot from 4 months ago), so you'll have to humor me in the meantime... Anyways, after leaving Florianópolis a little sooner than I would have preferred, I made my way toward Rio de Janeiro, stopping first in a region known as Costa Verde.  This region is known for a number of picturesque coastal towns and Ilha Grande, a beautiful island with Hawaiian-like qualities. I spent my first day in Paratay, a picturesque colonial town where I was greeted with perfect weather and burdened by a 10 foot walk to the beach...terrible I know.  During my visit, I wandered the cobblestone streets and enjoyed sharing dinner with a group of travelers from Holland, Germany and Brazil.

Ilha Grande's Lopes Mendes Beach - on a sunny day...

The next day I was off to my main destination, Ilha Grande.  To get to Ilha Grande requires a two hour bus ride followed by a two hour ferry, but once there, you find yourself transported to a tropical island with no vehicles, sand streets and an atmosphere that is both quaint and romantic (though the latter doesn't work too well when traveling alone necessarily).  Anyways, the area offers some great hikes, cool wildlife (I saw some tiny monkeys in the trees) and some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Brasil (Lopes Mendes). The only problem with my trip there was that I was a)fighting a cold and b)came across rainy and dreary weather my entire stay which made it difficult to truly appreciate the island.  In better weather, I would definitely revisit the area as it was truly a beautiful place. Next on my travels, my final destination on this South American trip - Rio de Janeiro.

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