Southeast Asia Here I Come, Whether I’m Ready or Not (I’m somewhere in between)

by Brian Carroll on January 6, 2013

Post image for Southeast Asia Here I Come, Whether I’m Ready or Not (I’m somewhere in between) After a 12 hour flight in which I honestly watched more movies than I usually ever do in an entire year, I currently find myself peering out at a snow-covered Seoul, South Korea.  What am I doing in South Korea, you ask?  Well, let me get you up to speed. It all started out a little over a week ago, when I decided another trip was in order while I could still justifiably do it.  After returning to the states for the holidays (from South America), there was a conservative part of me that thought I'd settle back into LA, while a more rash/adventurous side of me felt that my recent travels required a couple more destinations.  Ultimately that rash/adventurous side won out, so a basic plan was devised...get out to Southeast Asia. Now, one would think that with my experiences of prepping for trips like this twice in the past year, getting all squared away this time should have been a breeze.  And I would have agreed. But while I easily got the most important global things in order (passport, wallet, a bag of clothes), as it came down to the wire, I definitely found myself second guessing my "plans" and what I was bringing.  In fact, within my final 24 hours in the states, I completely changed my flight routes (costing me some $$), adjusted my travel insurance and literally booked a place to stay for my first few nights in Bangkok within THE last minute before I left for LAX.  But despite such last minute waffling (as I realized the first time I traveled and this time as well), once you step foot on that plane, that worrying and waffling doesn't really matter.  You're committed and you're going to have to figure it out.  Even if you don't know what "IT" is just yet.  But hey, that's half the fun. So that's what I'm hoping will happen when I get in at 1 am to Bangkok - it'll get figured out (catch a cab, get a lot of sleep from jetlag and find a place to watch the Redskins/Seahawks game at some ungodly hour in Bangkok I'm sure.  GO SKINS!

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David Schlosberg on Facebook January 6, 2013 at 4:11 pm

Awesome. Get some good beach vb video please. 😉


Jonsap January 6, 2013 at 9:30 pm

Go ‘Hawks


Joe carroll January 10, 2013 at 12:30 am

Love your posts


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